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About the project
Earth Run Europe 2013

Earth Run is a race that connects National Parks through running by selected marathoners. The race will take place in several stages, of which each will start and finish in a national park. The race is not of competitive character.

Earth Run Europe will begin on March 30th as Earth Run Croatia. In nine 12-hours-stages the run will pass 9 cities and each of the eight national parks in Croatia. On April 22nd, the Earth Day, the run will last 24 h

Protection of nature without borders


Race lenght is cca. 2700 km, it takes 27 days and will include 9 countries and 22 National parks. Start of the run is at the Plitvice lakes on June 5th (World Environment Day), and finish is in Zagreb on July 1st, the day of Croatian accession to the European Union.

Average stage lenght: 101 km. Number of runners: 1 to 10.

Earth Run - more then running


Catch public attention on global ecological conditions and involve citizens to take responsibility for the preservation of what belongs to everyone - planet earth.

Earth Run - promotion of Croatia in ecological sense.


Promotion of Croatia as: country with national parks, ecological oriented country, land of ecological future, desirable turistic destination.

Earth Run Europe 2013.

Earth Run Europe 2013.

Runners are running in a group. Running speed adapts to the slowest.
The group is allways accompanied by two cyclists.
Logistics team make eight persons (physical therapists, photographers, cameramen, reporters, cook ...).
The entire team travels, eats, sleeps, works etc. in campers.


Plitvice lakes - Risnjak – Triglav -Nockberge - Hohe Tauern - Vedrette di Ries - Dolomiti di Sesto - Dolomiti d'Ampe - Puez Odle - Gruppo di Tessa -Stelvio - Swiss National Park - Bavarian Forest - Šumava – Thayatal - Podyji - Donau-Auen – Seewinkel - Fertő-tavi - Balaton Felvidék - Orseg - Zagreb


The international team is composed of: one racer who runs the full race (2700km), four runners who will run relay, two cyclists and supporting staff. There is one representation team in Croatia, which is already formed.

Athletes are selected by the following criteria: moral values, primarily sporting success on a personal and professional level, and then, sporting reputation, understanding and acceptance of the goals of racing, as well as physical and mental readiness to participate in the race ..


For the start of the stage in the morning runners, representatives of the National Parks, local governments, tourism boards, schools and other institutions, journalists, children and citizens are meeting. Staged a ceremonial start of the stage.
With cycling companion the team is moving from village to village. Upon arrival at the resort the race stalls at the central place, where the representative Green Team is holding a short welcoming speech. The Green Team is staying for the representative program as long as the schedule allows and then continues on.

Every day from 12 to 14 o´clock a central program is held in the selected position. It can be invited significant players and the media to environmental activities in the current stage. The goal is to enable the presentation of the most important environmental projects and problems.
The official part of the day for runners ends late at night with an evaluation meeting.

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