Earth Run: Korak po korak

Year 1997., Captain's diary
Day 2., stage Risnjak- Plitvice lakes, 155 KM

Getting up at 7 AM. Morning was quiet, snowy, beautiful... but for another time of the year.

It was still snowing. Runners were enthusiastic saying“It's going to be be crazy“, while  NP employees and HRT journalists just nodded their heads. We will continue if we manage to persuade commander of police that we can do it. Road through Sungerski Lug was covered with a lot of snow and strong wind gusts. We continued to search new paths to Plitvice. Phone conversations, negotiations, anticipation...

Around 8.00 PM, we got the green light. We continued but still not in a full team: One part of team had a task to run first 130 kilometers, and second part had to wait a vehicle of NP and run last 40 kilometers of this stage. Sanja, together with our driver went to repair the minibus - it should've been fixed as quickly as possible in order to join the race.

Despite the snow, everything was according to plan, at least until Ličke Jasenice. In the middle of infinite forest, forerunner had encountered the end of the road - place were the snowplow simply turned and got back.

While the runners were approaching this place, Ervin head back to the nearest police station (container with police markings) - " 20 kilometers farther is the end of the road, we can't pass it"! Serious policeman grabbed the radio station, and made a brief interview with the comander. “Comander said that the road is clean”, Ervin replayed: "But we were on that spot and it's not clean. It's covered with at least 70 cm of snow.“
If that's the case, it will be cleaned, don't worry", the policeman replied.

And it was.
A snowplow from opposite direction got through and freed the path. Organizator had learned yet another valid police lesson- police can be trusted.

Tired, wet and shivering runners went to Plitvice, while Ervin remained on the road with a police escort. Only 30 kilometers to go. About 10 kilometers before Plitivice police recived an information that race was to be stoped. Ervin could not accept it. He told the police officers : I will hide my race markings and continue on my own responsibility. Police officers after a short conversation and a few glances at the madman with icy eyebrows, decided, "Let's move on."

Around 22 hours, we finally had our more than deserved vacation - for runners. Organizator had still some problems to solve. Minibus was repaired, he left Rijeka, and again lost the wheel in Senj, again repaired and again stoped. This time thanks to the wind Bura which closed the Jadran magistrale.


What’s going to happen tomorrow?

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