Earth Run: Korak po korak

Year 1997., Captain's diary
Day 1., stage Brijuni –Risnjak, 175 km

It started at 7 AM from Square of Friendship on Great Brijun.

Group of marathon runners named Green Team, met early in the morning, 20. April in Fažana. Runners Đunđek Josip, Ivan Stanić, Ozren Rnjak, Ivan Hršak, Ivan Jelavić, Mirta Grantić and Ervin Poljak, accompanied by  Sanja Oreškovic, Aida Kakarigi and Sonja Štiglec will endure the biggest effort until the end of the race. They started at 7.00 am on the Square of Friendship on Great Brijun. Although early for most citizens, on the start were children, "eco workers," many journalists, radio and television.

First steps through the beautiful parks Brijuni, followed by curious glances of animals from "fairytale", have brought sunshine on a gloomy morning.

Jokes coming from enthusiastic runners turned the Green Team in an unbeatable sports expedition. It was clear that on the way to Mljet nothing can stop this expedition. It started to rain on 30 KM already.

By the time we came to Labin, it was a rainstorm, but even then we were not alone.We were followed by a group of local runners, all the way to Rijeka.

And there began the first true challenges. First, a flame caught the tire of our  battered minibus  which should have accompanied us to the Mljet.

After that, a few kilometers next, his brakes failed. Minibus left stuck in Matulji, and with him a major part of our group. Ivan Hršak- Beli was on the road and continued running accompanied by police monitoring. There was still about 60 KM left to Risnjak.

Ivan Stanić and Ivan Jelavić concluded (although they were already running 40 kilometers and more) that they can finish this remaining section. In a Jeep, driven by Sonja, they followed Beli. After half an hour later a police car stoped, with Beli in it. Neither he nor the police officers had any idea where Ivan, Ivan and Sonja were. They made their way through the blizzard to Crni Lug. Thanks to the director of the National Park Risnjak, Mr. Malnar, around 11.30 PM Green Team was back on track.

Outside, the snow fell accompanied by storm, and runners went on the deserved break with inevitable thoughts of: What will happen tomorrow?

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