Earth Run: Korak po korak

Year 1997., Captain\\\'s diary
Day 3., Plitvice lakes - Paklenica, 145 KM

Getting up at 6.30 AM. Thomas greated us in the hotel lobby. He arrived in Zagreb with a car that will patch the hole until the minibus will be ready. 

With him and unstoppable Jeep (and Sonja behind the wheel), we can move on. A good begining of the day, just to get a permit from the chief of police station Plitvice. Which  will not be so easy because the main road Karlovac - Knin is still closed for traffic. Again negotiations, persuasions, agreements ending with the voice on a radio station: "Notice to all units on the road Plitvice-Korenica: Do not open the traffic until the race Croatian national parks passes by."

It took us few minutes to go. When the first runner moved away few kilometers,we got reinforcement from Zagreb: Robert Schwarz, Robert Mašić, Ivan Šakić, Hrvoje Habuš and Marija Paulus. The Green Team was completed.
After yesterday our way to ablaut Velebno was easy, and then - hell! Snow and ice storm rocked the cars. We manage to climb down in a way that would made proud even the bravest adventurers.

We were carried on the road. Just to get our hands of the sea. We did, but there are still seventy kilometers to endure. First we went through Lukovo Šugarje - there was supposed to be organized a welcome celebration and protest against the construction of a power plant.

Of course not a living soul in sight. No one "normal" goes out on a weather like that.

Although there wasn't snow, we went to Starigrad on a wild storm that ripped traffic signs as if they were made of paper. The boss of a restaurant in which we briefly took refuge managed to put a smile on the whole team when he asked: "Where did you come from? Only yesterday was announced that the race was canceled. "

Around 9.00 PM, we did it.
We were hidden in the hotel, when one of the locals asked: "Is that your minibus outside on the parking lot? White, with Olympic flag on the back window glass and just changing his flat tire. "No doubt about it, it's our.
Finally together, we layed down as the wind whistled and trees sobbed. After the past three days, only one question arises: what will nature prepare for us tomorrow ?

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